Bespoke First Aid Courses

image of a man with books asking about bespoke first aid courses

Bespoke first aid courses – targeted and cost efficient training

We can make up bespoke first aid courses  from any part of the First Aid syllabus. We regularly run CPR and choking for Adults, children and babies and provide specific training for the marine environment. Our bespoke first aid courses may vary in length depending on requirements.

Customised training for your specific needs

We can also put together elements of any of our other courses e.g. Boat handling and water based first aid.

This ability allows us to provide you with truly unique courses tailored to an individual’s or business’s needs. From a business perspective, First Aid bespoke courses can maximise the cost effectiveness of your training. By making the course specific to your circumstances the training provided becomes highly effective within your unique environment.  For instance, in tailoring First Aid courses to individuals in the marine industry, results in a greater concentration on dealing with casualties in confined spaces, hypo and hyperthermia, secondary drowning etc.

If you need specific qualifications or awards, e.g. medical assistant programs, medical career training, or other medical courses, we can also help you with that. Talk to us about putting together a customised training portfolio.