Crush Injuries – Our free poster can save lives

 image of man under boxes with crush injuries

Crush Injuries are counter intuitive

The first instinct of most people when they see someone crushed under a heavy object is to remove the object as quickly as possible.

If you are a first aider, your training will have made you aware that toxins build up around the damaged/crushed muscle. These potentially life threatening toxins will be released into the general circulation when the object is lifted off the casualty and could prove to be fatal.

Crush Syndrome

The toxins released by removing the pressure (Ischaemia reperfusion) may result in Crush Syndrome (also known as traumatic rhabdomyolysis or Bywaters’ syndrome). Crush syndrome can be fatal as the toxins (potassium, myoglobin, phosphate, thromboplastin, creatine and creatine kinase) can result in renal failure.

The 15 minute Rule

If a crushing injury has taken place for over 15 minutes, nothing should be moved. Specialist care will be essential to maximise the casualty’s chance of survival.

Our free poster

In response to our student’s concern that non-first aiders may be unaware of these dangers, we have produced our Crush Injuries poster, aimed at raising awareness amongst non-first aiders, that can be placed in strategic locations in the workplace.

Click the poster below to download the A3 PDF poster

Image of our crushing injuries poster